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If a student becomes unwell during the school day, they should be referred to the Medical Room by his teacher.  The First Aider will monitor students being referred to the Office and will notify the Head of Year when students are being regularly referred. No student will be sent home unless they are collected. Boys will be sent back to class if deemed well enough.


Administration of medicines
Boys are not permitted to carry medication around school, but should hand it directly to the Medical Room for safe keeping as soon as he arrives at school. He will then be permitted to take the medication at break or lunch time as per written parental instructions which should be accompanied with the medication. This arrangement is in place for any student who takes medication for any illness or complaint, for example, colds, headaches/migraine, toothache or earache.  Bullers Wood School for Boys is not permitted to supply medication to students.


Short-Term Medical Needs – Any students will need to take medicines during the day at some time during their time at school. This will usually be for a short period only, perhaps to finish a course of antibiotics or to apply a lotion. To allow boys to do this will minimise the time that they need to be absent.

Long-Term Medical Needs – It is important to have sufficient information about the medical condition of any student with long-term medical needs. For boys who attend hospital appointments on a regular basis, special arrangements may also be necessary. Copies of letters of appointments should be given to the Attendance Administer in the school office prior to attending the appointment. This information is to be included in the Health Care Plan.

Non-emergency medication – This must be handed to the First Aider in the Medical Room and is administered there under the supervision of the a First Aider. All students are encouraged to administer their own medication but, if necessary, the First Aider will help students take their medication safely. No child under 16 should be given medicines without their parent’s written consent.  Non-emergency medication brought in for one day may be collected by the student from the Medical Room at the end of the day.

Prescribed Medicines – Medicines should only be taken to school when essential; that is where it would be detrimental to a student’s health if the medicine were not administered during the school day. Bullers Wood School for Boys can only accept medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor or dentist. Medicines should always be provided in the original container as dispensed by a pharmacist and include the prescriber’s instructions for administration.

The student should come to the Medical Room when he needs to take their medication.

All students with medical conditions have easy access to their emergency medication.

Students should carry their asthma inhalers, insulin and adrenaline pens. These should be clearly named.

Parents should pass spare inhalers, epipens or insulin to the Medical Room.