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We endeavour to combine our students’ formal education with personalised, independent and informed career guidance, which will enable them to embark on their future with the skills to build upon their career pathways.

Year 7
Students are given their first workbook which takes them through the stages of career planning. The workbooks are progressive and are relevant to their year group. They cover a range of issues to help students to understand more about themselves, find out about careers and the world of work, and help them to plan for their future.

The workbooks containing a range of activities, topics include:

  • Changes
  • What have you achieved?
  • Who can help?

The aims of the workbook are to:

  • help students to understand more about themselves (Self-development through careers and work-related education)
  • increase their knowledge of where to find useful information (Finding out about careers and the world of work)
  • increase students’ understanding of the world of work and help them plan for the future (Developing skills for career wellbeing and employability)
  • Employer engagement during assemblies.

Year 8
Students are given their second workbook which takes them through the stages of career planning from year 8 and build upon the skills they developed in year 7.

These workbooks contain a range of activities, topics include:

  •  Your beliefs
  •  Are school and work so different?
  •  What do you want from work?
  •  Which job goes where?
  •  Being assertive
  • How do you make decisions?

The aims of the workbook are to:

  • help students to make the most of the changing opportunities in learning and work
  • increase their awareness of what motivates them and help them be successful
  • increase their knowledge of the job market
  • Employer engagement in assemblies

Year 9
Students are given their third workbook which consolidates the earlier work and continues their journey. During Year 9 they will need to choose which subjects and pathways to study from Year 10 onwards. The activities in this booklet will help them to:

  • Understand more about themselves (self-development)
  • Look at their options (career exploration)
  • Plan for the future (career management)

Students can access websites to source information about their options after they are 16 and search Job profiles, Explore Job Sectors, Skills, Qualities, Interests and Work Preferences.

National Careers Service job profiles:

Students will have a presentation on Year 10 options, assemblies and a Parent & Student Information Evening.  Employer engagement during Enterprise and in assemblies.

Year 10
Students start the process for work experience at the end of year 10, an assembly introduces them to WEX and preparation for their CV and covering letter.

Students will embark on Steps for Year 10 which focuses on the topic of work. The activities enhance preparation and debrief activities for work-related activities – including work experience. Students are also encouraged to start to plan for life after year 11. This booklet provides students with the opportunity to carry out a range of self-assessments to help them determine the decisions they need to make. They take students through the stages of career planning right through to post-18 options, helping students to find out more about themselves, careers, learning options and the world of work.

Students can access websites to source information about their options after they are 16 and search Job profiles, Explore Job Sectors, Skills, Qualities, Interests and Work Preferences.

National Careers Service job profiles:
Employer engagement during assemblies and work experience.

Year 11
Debrief on Year 10 Work Experience, individual logbooks and group work.
Students will work on Steps It’s Your Choice Booklets which aim to support the delivery of careers education, advice and guidance with up-to-date impartial information about the range of education and training options for post-16 options. They include: case studies from others who have experienced this process, action points to take students through the steps they need to follow, tips and signposts for where to find out more and a supplement to support parents and carers as they help their children with their subject and career choices.

Students will have a 1:1 meeting with our Independent Careers Guidance Advisor and a member of staff regarding post 16 choices.

Employer engagement in assemblies.

Additional Support
Students on the SEN register and qualifying for PP have workshops in Years 7 and 8, then yearly 1:1 interviews during the rest of their schooling.

Vulnerable students in year 10 attend small workshops to assist with work experience applications.

16 to 18
Young people are required to stay in education until 18. They are not required to stay in school but can choose how to participate which might be through:

  1. Full time study in a school, college or training provider;
  2. An apprenticeship, traineeship or supported internship;
  3. Full time work or volunteering (20 hours or more) combined with part time accredited study.

Work Related Learning
The school aims to offer all students the opportunity to experience work related learning from year 7 – 13 through a wide range of subjects, specific work experience and activities for example Enterprise Activities Week.

Throughout the year various industry experts will be invited in to give career insights, this will include areas such as engineering, construction, medical, veterinarian and health and beauty. Trips to various industries will be organised and supported by local large companies i.e. Direct Line Group, Bank of America and Coca-Cola.

Bullers Wood School students in Years 7, 9 and 12 will embark on 3 days of Enterprise Activities in the summer term. Year 7 Boys at Bullers Wood School for Boys will have one Enterprise Day per term.

The normal school timetable will be suspended and your daughter/Son will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of new initiatives. The focus for the week will be working in a team, communication and creating new ideas.

The activities will include trips, workshops and outside career speakers.

These promise to be an exciting few days where your daughter/son will have the opportunity to develop new skills and try new activities in a different environment to that of the normal school timetable. We hope that by the end of the event she/he will have tried something new, experienced personal challenges and improved her interpersonal skills.

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