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Positive News

See letter below from Chair of BWMAT.

29th June 2018

Dear Parent Carer,

RE: More positive news since we announced the temporary solution for Bullers Wood School for Boys.

We are really excited as we draw ever closer to the opening of Bullers Wood School for Boys and Anne Gouldthorpe the Headteacher, can’t wait to deliver a high quality education for the boys, in keeping with our vision that has driven the Trust on this journey.

This journey, which many of you have been on with us, has not always been easy and there have been many challenges and frustrations along the way. Opening any new school is no easy undertaking and ours has had some particularly complex and problematic issues, especially around planning.

1 Westmoreland Road, Temporary Site for 2018.
The great news is that work is well under way on the temporary accommodation at Westmoreland Road and making good progress. The accommodation will be ready for us to put the final touches in during the week of 3rd September and for our new boys to begin their studies on 10th September. In parallel to this work, the planning application for the temporary accommodation is progressing through the system and we are confident of a positive decision before boys arrive as we have been working closely with a range of local stakeholders.

Please show your support for the school by providing your comments on the online portal, at the following:

It is still the intention that our temporary location will move to St Hugh’s in September 2019 and that we move into permanent buildings in September 2020.

Planning appeal
We have been working hard to develop and submit the appeal on Bromley’s refusal of our second planning application. We remain confident we will be successful at appeal. Since submitting the appeal, it has progressed quickly and we hope this will continue. It has been confirmed the appeal will progress as a Public Inquiry. We will keep you informed as we know more.

3rd Planning Application at St. Hugh’s
The school is keen to listen and respond to concerns raised by our all stakeholders, including the local community. We are therefore working closely with our partners to consider alternative vehicular access options at St. Hugh’s. This would require a third planning application, which we are taking forward in parallel with the appeal. In doing so, we will safeguard the amenity and use of the playing fields at St. Hugh’s for both schools.

The third planning application will require various options to be modelled and assessed and new traffic surveys to be completed. These cannot be completed until students return in September, to get an accurate picture of school related traffic. It is therefore unlikely we will submit until October or November 2018.

We all know that Bromley desperately need this and other schools to open soon and that parents and young people most certainly want and need it! We remain committed to opening a highly successful local school which is embedded in its local community, very much building upon the success of the girls’ school. We have always aimed to deal with you honestly and plainly will continue doing so.

We will aim to give you a further update before the summer break.

With very best wishes,

Mr Len Webb
Chair of BWMAT

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