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At Last!

We are delighted to announce that we have received ministerial approval to progress with opening Bullers Wood School for Boys in September 2018 in temporary accommodation in 1 Westmoreland Road. The Secretary of State has agreed to enter into a Funding Agreement with Bullers Wood Multi Academy Trust.

The Trust is grateful to politicians across parties locally who have supported the project – especially in recent weeks. It demonstrates what can be achieved with political will and we look forward to their ongoing support for our permanent site. Colleagues at the DfE have also worked tirelessly, creatively and at accelerated timelines to find a solution.

Above all else, this outcome is testimony to the incredible efforts of our parents and supporters. Their belief and faith in us has been inspirational; as has their refusal to be cowed in the face of disappointment. The qualities they have demonstrated; resilience, optimism, creativity, determination and moral purpose are just those we look forward to seeing develop in their sons in the years to come.

For the last 6 weeks we have walked, tweeted and emailed – but can now focus on the work of opening the school and securing the permanent building at St Hugh’s.

Bullers Wood School for Boys will open in September 2018!

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